The Gay Man's Illistrated Dictionary


pronunciation: In dih vI ju ae lih ti

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         the aggregate qualities and characteristics of an individual, esp. those that make him or her distinctive.

synonyms: distinctness, separateness, uniqueness

similar words: identity, originality

definition 2:         the state of being individual.

synonyms: singularity

similar words: difference, identity

related words:     character, independence, personality



pronunciation: uhp

parts of speech: adverb, preposition, adjective, noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb

phrases: up to

part of speech:     adverb

definition 1:         to, toward, at, or in a higher place or position.

The kite flew up into the air.

We climbed up to the fifth floor.

antonyms: below, down

similar words: aloft

definition 2:         to or in a vertical position.

The audience stood up.

similar words: upright

definition 3:         out of bed.

I got up early this morning.

definition 4:         above the horizon.

The sun came up at six o’clock.

definition 5:         to or at a higher degree, level, or amount.

He quickly moved up in rank.

The price of shoes is going up.

antonyms: down

definition 6:         entirely; completely.

I filled up my glass.

Button up your coat.

definition 7:         from below a surface.

A few flowers came up.

definition 8:         at or to an equal point or level; equally advanced.

I ran up to her.

definition 9:         in or toward a higher position.

The painting was too low, so we moved it up.

antonyms: down

definition 10:       to or with more intensity, loudness, or pitch.

Could you turn the music up?

definition 11:       into view, consideration, or existence.

A new topic came up at the meeting.

definition 12:       in or into a state of activity, operation, or readiness.

We set up a row of chairs.

definition 13:       into pieces.

He tore up the papers.

definition 14:       used to intensify the action of a verb.

We cooked up some soup.

definition 15:       in a northerly direction.

We drove up to Vancouver.

antonyms: down

related words:     high

phrase:        up to

part of speech:     preposition

definition 1:         to, at, or toward a higher point on or in.

The train headed up the hill.

antonyms: down

definition 2:         at or toward a point further ahead on or in.

The children skipped up the path.

definition 3:         in a contrary direction to; against.

Salmon swim up the flow of the waterfall.

definition 4:         toward the source of.

They went exploring up the river.

related words:     down

part of speech:     adjective

definition 1:         going or directed upward.

He mistakenly jumped onto the up escalator.

antonyms: down

similar words: erect

definition 2:         higher than previously.

Stocks are up today.

The child’s temperature was up this morning.

definition 3:         finished; concluded.

He’ll pay me when the week is up.

definition 4:         in a vertical position or placement.

The new wallpaper is up.

similar words: erect

definition 5:         (informal) taking place; happening.

What’s up at the office?

definition 6:         above ground.

The summer crops are up.

definition 7:         in a state of activity, operation, or readiness.

I’ve been up since five o’clock this morning.

The art show will be up all week.

antonyms: down

similar words: awake

definition 8:         in the air.

The kite is up.

definition 9:         under consideration; in view.

The decision has been made, and the issue is not up for discussion.

definition 10:       over; finished.

Your time is up.

definition 11:       (slang) elevated in spirit; euphoric.

We were so up after the game that we all went out to celebrate.

antonyms: down

related words:     standing

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         an upward course or movement.

definition 2:         an upward slope; ascent; rise.

antonyms: down

related words:     high

part of speech:     transitive verb

inflections: upped, upping, ups

definition 1:         (informal) to increase; raise.

They upped the prices.

definition 2:         to improve.

What will up our chances of winning?

related words:     increase

part of speech:     intransitive verb

definition:  (informal) to move or act suddenly or without warning.

He just upped and left home never to come back again.



ol·fac·tion [ ol fáksh’n ]



1. smelling sense: the sense of smell

2. smelling of something: the act of smelling something

[Mid-19th century. < Latin olfacere “to smell”]



pre·tend·er [ pri téndər ] (plural pre·tend·ers)



1. somebody claiming right to something: somebody who claims a disputed right to a special rank, title, or privilege, especially a royal title. Both the son and the grandson of James II of Great Britain claimed the throne and were known as the Old Pretender and the Young Pretender.

2. somebody giving false impression: somebody who intentionally gives a false impression to somebody else



would [ wd ] CORE MEANING: used to express the sense of “will” in reported speech or when referring to an event that has not happened yet

Steve didn’t think he would get laid.

It would be wrong to suggest he get dressed.

modal v 


1. used with “if” clauses: used in stating what will or suggesting what might happen under the circumstances described in the conditional clause

You would do him if you saw him.

My mother would be annoyed if I were to come out.

2. polite request: used in making polite requests or offers

Would you mind taking me from behind?

Would you like more men?

3. habitual action: used to indicate that a past action was habitual

Every Sunday we would drive out to the Castro.

would that used to introduce a strong desire or wish, usually one that is not expected to be fulfilled (formal)

Would that we had met during our youth. 



tub [ tub ]

noun  (plural tubs)


1. low open container: a low, open, often round container of any size that is used for purposes such as storage and washing

2. round container for liquids: a small, often round, plastic or cardboard container for liquid, semiliquid, or soft substances such as ice cream or margarine

3. amount held by tub: the contents of a tub

4. household

Same as  bathtub

5. bath: an instance of bathing in a bathtub ( informal )

You’ll feel better after a tub and a hot meal.

6. boat poor quality boat: a slow unreliable boat ( informal )

7. mineral extract mine vehicle: an open-top vehicle on rails used to transport coal and other excavated minerals in a mine

verb  (past and past participle tubbed, present participle tub·bing, 3rd person present singular tubs)


1. transitive verb store something in tub: to store or package something in a tub

2. transitive and intransitive verb bathe: to wash, or wash something or yourself, in a bathtub ( informal )

[14th century. < Middle Low German or Middle Dutch] 



pronunciation: uhn ben dIng

parts of speech: adjective, noun

part of speech:     adjective

definition 1:         rigid or strict.

synonyms: grim, inflexible, mulish, rigid, stern, strict

similar words: hard, intractable, intransigent, obdurate, pertinacious, resistant, stiff, stubborn, uncompromising, unyielding

definition 2:         forbidding or aloof.

an unbending demeanor

synonyms: aloof, austere, forbidding, stern

similar words: uninviting

related words:     austere, inflexible, precise, rigid, stern, stringent, tough

part of speech:     noun

definition:  the act of becoming less rigid or more relaxed.

synonyms: relaxation, unwinding

derivations:          unbendingly (adv.), unbendingness (n.)



star [ staar ]

noun  (plural stars)


1. mass of gas in space: a gaseous mass in space that generates energy by thermonuclear reactions, e.g. the Sun. Stars range in size from that of a planet to one larger than the Earth’s orbit.

2. point of light in night sky: an astronomical object usually visible as a small bright point of light in the night sky

3. star shape: a shape representing or based on that of a star as seen in the night sky, usually having five or more triangular points radiating from a center

4. star-shaped symbol of merit or rank: a star-shaped object or symbol used as a sign of merit, quality, or rank

5. printing linguistics

Same as  asteriskn (sense 1) (sense 2)

6. popular performer: a very famous, successful, and popular performer, especially in a field of entertainment or in sports

7. most important or proficient person: an especially proficient or important member of a group

8. astrology astronomical object in relation to fate: a planet or constellation believed to influence somebody’s character or fate on Earth

plural noun stars 


astrology destiny: somebody’s future, especially as supposedly revealed in a horoscope ( informal )

verb  (past and past participle starred, present participle star·ring, 3rd person present singular stars)


1. transitive verb have somebody as leading performer: to have somebody as the leading performer or as one of the leading performers

2. intransitive verb be leading performer: to be the leading performer or one of the leading performers in something such as a movie or play

starring in his first major movie

3. transitive verb printing

Same as  asterisk

4. transitive verb cover or decorate something with stars: to cover or decorate something with stars, or with many brilliant or colorful objects so as to give an effect comparable to that of the stars in the night sky



outstanding: very or most important, skillful, or successful

our star player

[ Old English steorra< Indo-European] 

Burt Reynolds

Christopher Meloni

Don Stroud

Jude Law

Michael Phelps

Sean Connery



pronunciation: o vər du

parts of speech: transitive verb, intransitive verb

part of speech:     transitive verb

inflections: overdid, overdoes, overdoing, overdone

definition 1:         to exceed appropriate limits or go to extremes in.

Don’t overdo the praise.

similar words: exaggerate, hyperbolize, inflate, magnify, overstate

definition 2:         to cook too long or at too high a temperature; overcook.

similar words: burn, char

definition 3:         to bring to the point of exhaustion; wear out.

synonyms: exhaust, tire, wear out

similar words: fag, hack, jade, overburden, overtax, overwork, strain, tucker, weary

related words:     exceed, labor, overrun

part of speech:     intransitive verb

definition:  to do something to excess or to the point of exhaustion.

synonyms: go overboard

similar words: overindulge, overwork

derivation: overdoer (n.)



pronunciation: ə sIs tənt

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         a person who gives help, aid, or assistance.

The plumber came with an assistant who helped him replace the old pipes.

synonyms: aid, aide, auxiliary, helper

similar words: adjunct, adjutant, advocate, attendant, backer, help, patron, promoter, succor

definition 2:         a person holding a secondary or junior position in an office or organization.

The assistant to the coach was in charge during the coach’s absence.

synonyms: adjunct, adjutant, auxiliary, secondary, subordinate

similar words: apprentice, associate, attendant, deputy, junior, satellite, sidekick, subaltern, subsidiary

related words:     acolyte, clerk, companion, employee, help, monitor, orderly