The Gay Man's Illistrated Dictionary


pronunciation: və luhp chu eI ri

parts of speech: noun, adjective

part of speech:     noun

inflections: voluptuaries

definition:  a person given to the pursuit of luxury and sensual pleasures.

related words:     profligate

part of speech:     adjective

definition:  of or characterized by the pursuit of luxury or sensual pleasures.



la·bor·er [ láybərər ] (plural la·bor·ers)



somebody in job needing physical strength: somebody who works at a job that requires physical strength and stamina



ta·ble [ táyb’l ]

noun  (plural ta·bles)


1. item of furniture with flat top: a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, used for placing things on or doing things at

2. place for eating meals while seated: a table at which people sit to eat meals

3. flat surface for specific purpose: a raised flat surface with a nondomestic or office use, e.g. one at which a surgeon operates or one on which a piece of machinery rests

4. food served: the food provided in a household or restaurant in terms of its quality or quantity

5. people sitting at table: a group of people sitting at a table, especially for a meal

The whole table erupted in laughter.

6. arrangement of information in columns: an arrangement of information or data into columns and rows or a condensed list

7. geography

Same as  tableland

8. architecture band or panel on wall: a band of masonry or a rectangular panel on a wall, either raised or depressed and with ornamentation or inscriptions

9. flat surface of gem: the upper horizontal surface of a cut gem

10. slab for inscription: a slab of wood, stone, or metal for inscription

11. backgammon part of backgammon board: either one of the two hinged halves of a backgammon board

12. music front part of stringed instrument: the part of the body of a stringed instrument that acts as a sounding board

13. anatomy plate of bone: a flat layer of bone, especially either one of the inner or outer surfaces of the skull that are separated by a more spongy bone diploë

14. area on palm: an area on the palm defined by four lines, regarded as significant in palmistry

plural noun ta·bles 


ancient hist ancient tablets inscribed with laws: tablets on which some ancient Greek, Roman, and Hebrew laws were inscribed, or the laws themselves

transitive verb  (past and past participle ta·bled, present participle ta·bling, 3rd person present singular ta·bles)


1. postpone discussion of something: to postpone discussion of a bill or motion until a later time

2. enter information into table: to enter information in a tabular form

3. put something on table: to place or lay something on a table

4. Canada propose something: to put forward a bill, motion, or proposal for discussion at a meeting

[Pre-12th century. Directly or via French< Latin tabula “board, slab”]

table·ful noun

drink somebody under the table to continue drinking until after other people present are completely intoxicated

on the table

1. put forward for discussion at a meeting

2. postponed for discussion at a later time

turn the tables (on somebody) to reverse a situation and gain the advantage from somebody who had previously held it

under the table secretly and often illegally, in the form of a bribe

He paid under the table for his rent-stabilized apartment. 



na·vel [ náyv’l ] (plural na·vels)



hollow on surface of stomach: a small rounded hollow on the surface of the human stomach, where the end of the umbilical cord was tied after being cut.

Technical name  umbilicus

[ Old English nafela< Indo-European]

examine or contemplate your navel to spend too much time in self-analysis to the exclusion of broader or more productive concerns (informal)



pronunciation: sih duhk tihv

part of speech:     adjective

definition:  tending to seduce; enticing; tempting; beguiling.

similar words: luscious, romantic, siren, sultry

related words:     charming, erotic, inviting

derivations:          seductively (adv.), seductiveness (n.)



shaft [ shaft ]

noun  (plural shafts)


1. long handle: the long slender handle on various instruments and tools such as golf clubs and hammers

2. body of projectile: a long narrow rod that forms the body of a spear, arrow, harpoon, or other projectile

3. pole for harnessing horse: either of the two parallel bars by which an animal is harnessed to a cart or wagon

4. rotating rod in machine: a rotating rod that provides motion or power for a machine

5. vertical passage: a vertical passage, especially one in which an elevator travels or one that gives access to a mine

6. passage for ventilation in building: a small passageway in a building, particularly in a wall, ceiling, or floor, to allow for air circulation

7. light beam: a beam of light

a shaft of sunlight

8. sharp comment: a sharp or barbed comment directed at somebody

a shaft of wit

9. harsh treatment: unkind or harsh treatment or dismissal ( informal )

His girlfriend gave him the shaft.

10. arms  ( literary )

Same as  arrown (sense 1)

11. anatomy middle of long bone: the middle part of a long bone

12. anatomy body of penis: the cylindrical body of the penis

13. anatomy main part of hair: the part of a hair that is visible above the skin

14. architecture body of column: the main body of a column, between the capital and base

15. architecture column: a column, especially one of a pair supporting an arch

16. birds feather rib: the central rib of a feather

17. trees trunk: the trunk of a tree

18. upright part of cross: the upright bar in a cross

transitive verb  (past and past participle shaft·ed, present participle shaft·ing, 3rd person present singular shafts)


treat somebody unfairly: to cheat somebody or treat somebody unfairly ( slang )

She got shafted on her book contract.

[ Old English sceaft< Germanic] 



knock·out [ nók òwt ] (plural knock·outs)



1. punch winning boxing match: in boxing, a punch that knocks an opponent down for a count of ten and so wins a contest

2. blow causing unconsciousness: a blow that knocks somebody unconscious

3. win by knockout: a victory in a boxing match by a knockout

4. somebody or something stunning: somebody or something extremely attractive, good-looking, or enjoyable ( informal ) 



pronunciation: deI drim

parts of speech: noun, intransitive verb

part of speech:     noun

definition:  a dreamlike fantasy one has while awake, usu. about pleasant events in the future.

synonyms: reverie

similar words: conceit, dream, fantasy, figment, idea, musing, notion, phantasm, pipe dream

related words:     fancy, hallucination, make-believe

part of speech:     intransitive verb

inflections: daydreamed, daydreaming, daydreams

definition:  to have daydreams.

synonyms: fantasize, stargaze

similar words: dream, fantasy, imagine, muse, romance

related words:     rest, space out

derivations:          daydreamy (adj.), daydreamer (n.)



la·bor [ láybər ]

noun  (plural la·bors)


1. workers collectively: the workers, especially manual workers, in a country, company, or industry considered as a group ( often used before a noun

labor relations

2. supply of work: the supply of work or workers for a particular job, industry, or employer
outlawed child labor

3. labor unions collectively: labor unions collectively and the movement that built and supported them

4. physical work: work done using the strength of the body
forced into hard labor

5. particular piece of work: a piece of work of a particular type, especially a difficult or long one ( often used in the plural )
a labor of love
the labors of Hercules

6. process of childbirth: the process of giving birth to a baby from when the contractions start to the baby’s delivery, or the time taken for this process ( often used before a noun )
labor pains

verb  (past and past participle la·bored, present participle la·bor·ing, 3rd person present singular la·bors)


1. intransitive verb work hard: to work hard, especially at physical work

labored all day in the hot sun

2. intransitive verb struggle to do something: to struggle to do something very difficult or very tiring
labored over the exam

3. intransitive verb move with difficulty: to move with difficulty or great effort
labored up to the summit

4. intransitive verb operate with difficulty: to have difficulty in running or functioning smoothly, e.g. because of being overloaded or defective ( refers to engines or machines )

5. transitive verb overemphasize something: to continue trying to express or emphasize something when it is unnecessary
Don’t labor the point.

6. intransitive verb give birth: to be in the process of giving birth to a baby

7. intransitive verb pitch and roll: to pitch and roll heavily at sea ( refers to boats )

[14th century. Via French < Latin, “toil, pain”]



knob [ nob ] (plural knobs)



1. rounded handle or dial: a rounded projecting part attached to a door, drawer, appliance, or other object, used as a handle or a dial or switch

2. rounded projection: any rounded lump or part projecting from the surface of something

3. hill: a rounded hill

[14th century. < Middle Low German knobbe “knot, knob, bud”]

knobbed adjective