The Gay Man's Illistrated Dictionary


pronunciation: sih kwes tər

part of speech:     transitive verb

inflections: sequestered, sequestering, sequesters

definition 1:         to remove into protection and isolation; seclude.

He sequestered himself to avoid publicity.

similar words: cloister

definition 2:         to confiscate and hold under restricted access.

related words:     chamber, isolate, levy, quarantine, secrete, segregate, separate

derivation: sequestrable (adj.)



pronunciation: taemp

part of speech:     transitive verb

inflections: tamped, tamping, tamps

definition 1:         to compress and pack tightly by repeated light taps.

He tamped the soil into the flowerpot and added more.

definition 2:         to pack (a hole drilled for blasting) with earth, sand, or the like on top of the explosive.



pronunciation: buh səl

parts of speech: intransitive verb, noun

part of speech:     intransitive verb

inflections: bustled, bustles, bustling

definition 1:         to move rapidly and energetically (often fol. by about).

The cook bustled about trying to keep up with the orders.

synonyms: hustle, rush, stir

antonyms: plod

similar words: dart, dash, flutter, hasten, hurry, scamper, scramble, scuttle

definition 2:         to swarm abundantly (often fol. by with).

The terminal bustled with activity.

synonyms: stir, swarm, teem

similar words: abound, burst, hum, overflow

related words:     rush, scurry

part of speech:     noun

definition:  energetic activity.

Many people would rather avoid the bustle of a big sale.

synonyms: hustle, rush, stir, tumult

antonyms: quiet, stillness

similar words: ado, commotion, excitement, flurry, flutter, uproar, whirl

related words:     fuss, hubbub, jostle, tumult

derivations:          bustling (adj.), bustlingly (adv.)



pronunciation: dek ste rih ti

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         grace and easy quickness in using the hands or body; skill.

synonyms: adroitness, agility, cleverness, deftness, nimbleness

antonyms: clumsiness

similar words: adeptness, craft, cunning, ease, facility, quickness, skill

definition 2:         mental quickness and skill.

synonyms: adroitness, agility, cleverness, deftness, nimbleness

similar words: cunning, ease, quickness, sleight

related words:     ability, address, mastery, prowess, technique

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pronunciation: baek lag

parts of speech: noun, transitive verb

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         a quantity, as of work or objects, that has accumulated.

a backlog of orders

synonyms: excess, stockpile

similar words: abundance, accumulation, hoard, inventory, pile, stock, supply

definition 2:         a big log placed at the rear of a fireplace.

part of speech:     transitive verb

definition:  to hold back for future processing or completion.

similar words: accumulate, amass, hoard, hold, save, stock, stockpile



pronunciation: kaemp saIt

part of speech:     noun

definition 1:         a place where one sets up camp, usually within a campground.

similar words: camp

definition 2:         (chiefly British) a natural area established as a place for people to camp, often with running water and toilets; campground.



pronunciation: rUr əl

part of speech:     adjective

definition 1:         of the countryside or country life.

People in rural areas often live by farming.

synonyms: countrified, rustic

antonyms: citified, urban

similar words: agrarian, bucolic, idyllic, pastoral, provincial

definition 2:         pertaining to agriculture.

We were discussing the rural economy.

synonyms: agrarian, agricultural

related words:     agrarian

derivations:          rurally (adv.), ruralist (n.)



pronunciation: vaest

part of speech:     adjective

inflections: vaster, vastest

definition 1:         immense in size or area.

They drove past vast fields of corn.

synonyms: extensive, great, immense, tremendous

antonyms: tiny

similar words: colossal, enormous, expansive, huge, humongous, large, massive, monstrous, oceanic, prodigious, spacious, wide

definition 2:         very large in number or amount.

A vast number of people watched the ceremony on television.

synonyms: great, large, tremendous

antonyms: insignificant

similar words: enormous, extensive, huge, prodigious

definition 3:         very great in intensity or degree; extensive.

She has a vast knowledge of literature.

synonyms: extensive, great

antonyms: limited

similar words: boundless, enormous, limitless, mighty, prodigious, spacious, tremendous, wide

related words:     ample, big, broad, capacious, cavernous, deep, endless, gargantuan, global, immeasurable, immense, infinite, mammoth, monster

derivations:          vastly (adv.), vastness (n.)



pronunciation: myuz

part of speech:     intransitive verb

inflections: mused, muses, musing

definition:  to ponder or meditate on something silently or at length.

My father looked through the photographs and mused about the old days.

synonyms: cogitate, contemplate, meditate, mull, ponder, ruminate

similar words: brood, cerebrate, consider, deliberate, reflect, study

related words:     chew, daydream, recollect, speculate